Our first update!- 2/04/2020

An update from us all at Limelight!

In keeping with the Government’s guidelines, the entire team at Limelight are working from home but we are still meeting (via our computers!) weekly to discuss new ideas and develop new ways of interfacing to ensure we are still able to share the important work we do.

Before the closure of schools we were delivering two workshops in West Lothian, Sound Orchestra and Move to the Beat. Given the circumstances we have had to adapt and figure out what way is best to continue delivering these projects. We are in the middle of pre-recording these workshops. These workshop videos will be made accessible to the schools that were originally receiving these projects. The videos will be made available on a platform that can be accessed by children who are staying at home and can be used as part of children’s home-schooling plans. They will also be available to schools that are open to children of key workers so they can be shown in school time.  In order to keep the important aspect of collaboration between us workshop leaders and the children, we will also be encouraging that the children send us videos and pictures of them taking part in these online sessions so we can share clips and pictures in our future workshops! An email address to send these too will be provided for this reason only.

We are currently in talks to develop an online live-stream project so we can continue to share and deliver our work to those who need it most. This project will be aimed at those who would not necessarily have access to music and to music making with many participants being encouraged to take part. Whilst people are socially distancing themselves, we want to encourage a sense of community amongst the participants with the hope that we could take it from an online community to a group that can eventually meet and already be strongly connected. This project is still a work in progress and so there will be more details to share as and when!

We are also looking to the future and projects that we plan to deliver. I’m pleased to let you know we have some really fantastic projects which we are very excited about and looking forward to getting to work on that we will be delivering once this phased has passed.

Lastly I feel it is important to mention that as is the same with many organisations and charities at this time, we are currently working very hard to apply for many funds and schemes that ensure we are funded sufficiently as an organisation. As you can imagine this work can be a lengthy process but the team at Limelight has been working incredibly hard to do this to ensure we are still able to continue the work we are so very passionate about.  

That is all for now folks! I will continue to keep you all up to date so watch this space. Stay safe and take care!

Catriona Kirk

Workshop Leader/PR

Limelight Music