Another update!- 17/04/2020

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well during this time and taking care! I thought I would give you a quick update on how things are with us all at Limelight! 

We are still working away on developing our workshops in their online format. The team have been working hard to pre-record material with both visual footage and audio so they can be put together as video. It’s important that the video be as great quality as we can make it so we have been experimenting with different editing software to create these. As you can imagine with our workshop teams now all split up this hasn’t been easy however we felt it was important to have all the team members featured in in the videos, keeping the workshop experience as close to our regular workshops as is possible. We will soon have our first ‘virtual’ workshop ready to send out to all the schools we are working with! We are so excited to allow the schools and children we were working with to continue their Limelight journey!

I think it’s interesting the new challenges that we as an arts organisation are facing given these circumstances. We have had to develop new ways of working and interfacing and it is something that has been a challenge, but a welcomed one at that. We are hoping that this new challenge can enable us in the future to call upon this experience and adapt new ways of reaching people with what we do. I think more so than ever, people are turning to the arts for comfort, happiness and as a means of expression during this time, and we hope we can be a part of that for many. Stay safe everyone! 

Catriona Kirk 

Workshop Leader/PR

Limelight Music