Band in School Showcase 2019!

On Monday 10th June our Band-In-School project finished with a bang at our showcase at the Howden Park Centre. Over the course of a year, Gordon, Mark and Cat have been working with four groups from Bankton Primary and Harrysmuir Primary in West Lothian. This project focused on the school groups creating their own bands, writing their own songs and learning to play lots of instruments. 

One of the Bankton bands performing at the showcase. 

This project enabled the children to develop at their own pace over the course of the year. We started building confidence by working together as a team singing african songs and playing african djembes. We soon moved onto learning instruments. Guitarts and bassists learned chords, children on the keys learned chords and bass notes, drummers learned drum rhythms and vocalists worked on voice projection and singing confidently. We were very busy! All the children were given the chance to not only learn how to play songs but also write their own gving the children freedom to sing about what they wanted. 

At the end of the project all the school bands peformed at Howen Park Centre in Livingston. This was a fantastic evening that gave the children the opportunity to play their songs and their instruments alongside the Limelight Music band. It was a great evening with amazing music and the audience loved it! We would like to thank all the children at the schools for their dedication and hard work, the schools and staff for supporting the children and us, Stuart and his tech team, our sponsors and funders for allowing us to make a difference with projects like this and all the Limelight crew for not only playing at the showcase but just for being fantastic. Our final thanks goes to all everyone who came to the showcase and supported the children, it gave them the chance to shine and we are so glad you loved it! 

Thank you everyone!