Have you lost your HEID! 

Yesterday Cat, one of Limelight’s workshop leaders, dropped by Edinburgh College to see how rehearsals for HEID! were going.

This new production of the show is being co-directed by Limelight’s artistic director Gordon Dougall along with PASS acting lecturer Scott Johnston, and is being performed by 2nd Year HND Acting students of Performing Arts Studio Scotland for their final production at college.

Gordon making directors notes for the actors

The story follows Donald Johnstone. Donald Johnstone is an overworked writer past his script deadline again. Suffering from severe writer’s block he’s wide awake and worried at 4.04am going insane, waiting in vein for his overdue muse to descend and give him something to write about. Just as he is about to fall asleep his creativity finally arrives and takes him on a left of the brain journey through his overactive imagination where he meets his muse, his Scottishness and rediscovers his love of the theatre.

The first production of HEID was written and composed by Gordon Dougall and Forbes Masson (Scottish actor, writer and associate artist of The Royal Shakespeare Company). This production was first performed in 2006 by Limelight Music and Parapanda Arts Lab Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

A lot has changed within our Scottish society since the original script was created and Gordon hasn’t shyed from that. As HEID! touches on the mentality of Donald, and with mental health within Scotland becoming ever more imperative and understood, Gordon has ensured this becomes one of the focal themes within the madness of the play by pencilling in some new ideas to touch on this within this new production. Further themes to enter Donald’s world in this new production include ideas of gender fluidity, LGBTQ acceptance and transgender identity, all issues that have become more important and expressed within society since the first production.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the score. The musical composition of the production is as brilliant as when Gordon first created it and lends it’s way to musicalize the madness of Donald’s thoughts and what is in his HEID! The musical director of this new production is one of Limelight’s workshop leaders, Joseph Delaney. Joseph also performed in the original production back in 2006 so his previous experience of HEID! will lend itself well to his musical direction.

I am excited to see this performance take shape and I will hopefully drop in again before it takes to the stage. This is a mad, crazy performance that entertains, will make you laugh but also serves to touch on important issues that will make you think.  Tickets can be purchased on Citizen ticket for the four performances on 30th and 31st January. https://www.citizenticket.co.uk/event/heid 

PASS HND Year 2 actors in full focus during HEID! rehearsals.