Monday music at Paisley!

Music on a Monday morning? What a great way to start the week! We are delivering a 6 week long project in conjunction with Disability Resource Center in Paisley’s Tannahill Center. This projectis aimed at a small group of 10 who all have aquired disabilities. The aims of the project are to improve confidence, speech development, social communication skills whilst exploring music and having fun together. So far we have began exploring relaxation techniques, vocal development, african songs and some particpants are even beginning to explore keyboard and guitar chords! 

The improvement we have seen just in the few weeks we have been together has been amazing. There has been a noticable improvement in individual’s confidence in talking, singing and playing. There is a great amount of enthusiasm from all the group and it has been fantastic to see all the individuals grow week to week. We all know how important music is for social and individual development, and this group proves that! We are hoping to continue learning new songs together and keep having lots of fun and laughs!