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The purpose of the Musical Identities Professional Development Programme (PDP), is to build upon the advances made in professional training and development for musicians with impairments, through the delivery of Limelight’s Musical Identities PDP. It is also intended as a means of broadening the scope of CPD programmes delivered by Limelight Music to help meet the increased demand for placement opportunities.

The monitoring, evaluation and research collated throughout the phase one Musical Identities project has been used to refine and enhance the training methodologies that will be implemented in the proposed programme. For this stage of the project emphasis will be placed on the individual support needs of the participating trainees. This will be of particular importance to those with learning impairments such as Autism and Aspergers.

This new project will provide trainee placements for 6 musicians with disabilities and learning impairments, 4 of whom participated in the original Musical Identities project and require further development.

Throughout the course of the project the following key areas of musical development will be covered:

Increase level of musicianship.

Enhance musical improvisation skills.

Develop ability to work as part of an ensemble.

Improve level of concentration and focus.

Raise confidence, self-esteem and aspirations.

Increase social and communication skills.

Increase confidence and leadership skills.

Enhance understanding of inclusive music training.

Increase employability in mainstream music arena.

Increase experience in the field of specialist music tuition.

Each musician will receive training in more than one instrument. These instruments will include guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and percussion. This approach will be used as a means of challenging each musician and will improve overall general technical ability. The project will introduce the participants to a comprehensive range of musical styles and forms. In addition to the development of musicianship, training will be provided in song composition structure, lyric writing and musical arranging. The project will consist of full day sessions, delivered over a 16 week period, culminating in work placement opportunities via our Music in Schools and Early Intervention programmes. The work placements will begin during the final 6 weeks of the programme, giving the trainees practical experience in the delivery of inclusive music tuition in an educational environment. This process will deliver benefits in 3 key areas:

1) The project is fundamental in creating pathways to employment for the musicians with impairments. The trainees will also act as mentors for young people with disabilities and learning impairments.

2) The project will enable Limelight Music to increase its workforce of musicians with impairments. These professionals are required to meet the increasing demand for inclusive and accessible music training in schools. It will also allow Limelight Music to strengthen it’s position in the commercial arts sector and also promote disability equalities awareness to the general public.

3) The Musical Identities project will lead directly into our Early Interventions work with schools. This will in turn broaden the experience of both Pupils and Teaching staff in disability and equalities.

To further enhance their development the trainees will also be given the opportunity to participate public performances, with a major Limelight Music event scheduled for June 2016. To complement their training in musicianship, the participants will also receive tuition in related areas such as; event management, marketing and PR, stage management and basic sound engineering.

As part of their personal development, the trainees will be introduced to complementary performance skills including role play, storytelling, presentation and public speaking. This aspect of the project is focused on providing the individuals with a range of transferable skills, which will enhance their employment opportunities. The trainees will receive assistance in access to further education

Throughout the project the trainees will also have the opportunity to work with professional musicians out with Limelight Music. This will give them an insight into working as an artist at the highest level and will introduce concepts such as self-management, discipline of practice, stagecraft and presentation. The Trainees will also work alongside technicians, such as sound engineers, gaining experience in setting up PA system, stage monitors and venue acoustics.

A key element of the project will be academic research in partnership with the Music Department of Perth College and the Music Department of Edinburgh University. Through this collaboration the trainees will work alongside graduate and undergraduates and participate in the monitoring and evaluation of the project.

What makes Limelight Music Unique?

By providing training and creative opportunities within the context of a disability led organisation LM provides a unique service within Scotland. LM will continue to work with and focus on individuals who identify as disabled in line with the Social Model of Disability. That is to say we do not wish to label people by their specific impairment but build an understanding that current structures and practices may have – up until this point – excluded them from opportunities that would be more open to non-disabled people. LM recognises that some artists may feel that disability is an important element of their work, whether through cultural references or subject matter, but others may not identify in this way. However an individual may wish to understand their position, LM will encourage well-articulated discussions in this area that can engage the mainstream.

While LM recognise that some artists may identify less strongly with cultural and political arguments, LM believes that there is political capital in ensuring a disability led and focused ground for the development of top level artists, whether as a permanent context for development or as a launching pad for careers that take them elsewhere.

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