The Social Impact of Musical Engagement for Young Adults With Learning Difficulties: A Qualitative Study

During the duration of 2017-2018, Limelight Music in collaboration with Edinburgh University – Edinburgh College of Art, created and delivered a musical intervention program aimed at improving the lives of people with learning difficulties in a Scottish community. This program was called Music for Social Innovation and was designed to enchance the quality of lives of people through accessible music making and community learning. 

This study paper has been written and published by Graeme B.Wilson, Doctoral Researcher, and Raymond A.R Macdonald, Professor, both of Reid School of Music, Edinburgh College of Art. This paper includes in-depth information on the programs design, outcomes and findings. It also includes interviews with particpants of this program and how this program has impacted their lives.

This has been a very important project for not only Limelight Music and for the future development of accessible music, but it has gathered important, in-depth information that proves music can change and benefits people’s lives. 

Here is the link to the study paper- 

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